Aero Alliance Partners

Nelson Aero MitcherT API Mayday Blue Sun

Years of expertise combine to provide ease and unparalleled excellence in your helicopter completion and pre-owned helicopter refurbishment.


The definition of synergy is well known by successful professionals around the world today. It is defined as this: the interaction of elements that, when combined, produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc. Such is the case with the creation of Nelson AeroDynamiX’s newest division, Aero Alliance.

Standing alone, these five companies were already exhibiting superior quality and customer service in their specific fields. Their synergy was evident in several completion/refurbishments done in cooperative effort up through early 2012. It took little time for these respected professionals to recognize that, combined as one force, they had something unique and incredibly useful to offer and revolutionize the helicopter industry.

Blue Sun Air, Mayday Avionics, Appearance Products Inc., and Mitcher T’s Custom Painting and Design Ltd., along with Nelson AeroDynamiX, united to form this division and Aero Alliance was born. Since that day, it has been thriving and continues to grow rapidly.


  • Helicopter avionics suites
  • Helicopter interior/exterior paint and design
  • Helicopter interiors
  • Helicopter custom, ergonomic seating
  • Helicopter maintenance
  • Helicopter STC installations
  • Helicopter airframe specific training
  • Helicopter ferry/reposition services
  • Helicopter buying and selling
  • Helicopter market consulting services
  • Professional and detailed consultations


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