Aero Alliance, based out of the Grand Rapids, MI area, is a partnership of five cutting-edge, firmly established companies that recognized an opportunity and jumped at the chance to offer the helicopter industry a superior, “one-stop-shopping” experience for helicopter completions and pre-owned refurbishments. Whether it is completing a brand-new ship or updating an existing one, we have all of the tools-of-the-trade required to get the job done efficiently and with excellence.

With over 130 years experience, combined, Aero Alliance offers exceptional service and standards for every aspect of your completion or refurbishment, from avionics, paint, custom seat cushion and upholstery designs, carpet, upholstery, maintenance, consulting, STC installations, custom details-inside and out, and much more.  The skills, craftsmanship and expertise are unparalleled and noteworthy in the industry, with the end result being satisfaction guaranteed.

“Successful, particular, VIP, professional, intelligent, determined, driven, visionary”…these are just a few of the words we could use to describe many of our established clientele.  After utilizing our services for their helicopter completions or refurbishments, Aero Alliance is pleased to add the word satisfied to that list, without fail.  We ensure your satisfaction and guarantee it!

There are many moving parts and details involved in the work we do, and whether the job is large or small, it is imperative that the team work together seamlessly to achieve the quality end-result expected by our customers.  We at Aero Alliance have spent endless hours refining a system that does just that, and we will continue to keep our industry standards set at the highest level.

On our Partners page, you may read detailed descriptions of each company, providing further insight into the experience, inspiration, history and passion of our individual members, Nelson AeroDynamiX, Blue Sun Air-Helicopter Division, Mayday Avionics, Appearance Products, Inc., and Mitcher T’s Custom Painting and Design, Ltd.